saharra_shadow: (Default)
( Jan. 4th, 2010 12:28 am)
It's time for bed and my cat who has dozed and napped all day long is ready to play. I'm chasing her as she bats and then chases the plastic bag she found. Well, ok. I took a break and she's still chasing.

Beyond that, I took my truck to the shop and promised him that he was going in to get fixed up so I could keep him longer, not because my Uncle said I should trade him in for a new one. I like my truck. My truck likes me. Besides, Papa picked out Marquis (my truck.) for me. I have no intention of getting rid of him. Ever. I'll have him rebuilt first. I just hope he keeps his personality quirks. I think he would, so long as I don't change my opinion of his personality.

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