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( Dec. 10th, 2010 05:02 pm)
Dear Yuletide Writer,

It's nice to meet you! This is my first year participating in this exchange, so I hope we both manage to have fun while writing.
I'm pretty easy to please. Simply the fact that someone is willing to write me a story is more than enough, so please have fun and don't do more than you're comfortable with. Hopefully I've picked a wide-enough selection of fandoms to give you something to work with.

My preferences lean towards slash. I would prefer that the central pairing of the story not be Het.
I'm familiar with or have watched/read the majority of the material for all these shows. You don't have to follow canon if you don't want to. I'm good either way.

I have chosen the following fandoms:

Nightrunner Series:
I'd love to see something from the missing years between the second and third book. Or kidnap them for a while and stick them in a different world. Like Elfquest of Flight of Dragons. I'll accept anything up to explicit, but it does not have to be explicit.

Hawaii Five-O 2010:
Danny seems rather possessive of Steve. I've been wondering if there's more to it. I'll accept anything up to explicit, but it does not have to be explicit. Slash please. m/m/m Trios, m/m pairings, etc.

I love this series. It's a wonderful story-setting. Feel free to come up with something. Cutter and Leetah is one of the few het pairings I don't mind, but I'd love to see some slash from this. I really would. So, slash please? Pretty please? I'll beg. M/M, M/M/M I'll accept anything up to explicit, but it does not have to be explicit.

Bedlam Bards:
Eric Banyon, Tannim, Cory, Eric's brother, the elfling he rescued, etc. Shoot, feel free to bring in any characters from this verse since all three series intersect periodically. I would love to see Eric paired with Tannim. I really, really would. I'll accept anything up to explicit, but it does not have to be explicit.

Feel free to cross these with any of the other series I offered to write for if the rules allow it. I'm familiar with all of them and enjoy them all. I offered these:

Gargoyles (Tv Show),
NCIS: Los Angeles (Marty Deeks, G Callen, Sam, Hetty Lange)
Flight of Dragons: Could cross other charas into this one.
CSI: NY: (Danny before Montana. Don't much like their relationship, Mac, Don)
Valdemar Series- Mercedes Lackey

Things I like:

1. Happy endings
2. Slash
3. Threesomes
4. Wingfic
5. Shifter-fic
6. Fantasy
7. Supernatural
8. vampires
9. kid fic (either their kids or them as kids)
10. angst with hurt/comfort
11. get-together stories
12. long and plotty,
13. plotty
14. crossovers
15. AUs
16. Sad back-stories that aid h/c

Things I don't like:

1. Permanent death of characters (temporary deaths where the character comes back is fine)
2. explicit non-con
3. het as main pairing/relationship.
4. Unhappy ending.

And sorry I took so long to post this. I got caught up in school and just finally finished it up for the sem. For advice as to what I like try [ profile] whiteraven1606 and [ profile] deathangelgw or check out my lj comm where Raven and I post:

Thank you so much,

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