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Five Acts

Here's the deal: you post five acts (kinks, tropes, other filthy things) that you particularly love, as well as a list of pairings you currently dig. Link your Five Acts meme here. Then you can explore others' posts and fill as you fancy with comment fic. All this hot action is masterfully managed by [info]toestastegood .

My five acts (in random order):

1. Creature-fic: I really enjoy fics where the characters are either some other type of creature or a type of shifter. Centaur shifters are a favorite.
2. H/C: Any sort of trauma for the hurt is fine. I tend to really like when past issues are dug up and dealt with. 
3. Restraint: Not totally tied up though. I enjoy reading when one chara either holds the other down or restrains them in some fashion. Playful, serious, sensual. It's all good.
4. Threesomes: I love trios. It's just so sad when someone gets left out. And sometimes they just work.
5. Wingfic: Wings of any sort. Dragon wings, feather wings, demon wings, angel wings, scaled wings, fairy wings.


Gundam Wing: Heero/Duo, Heero/Duo/Wufei, Duo/Wufei, Heero/Duo/Trowa, Duo/Trowa, Duo/Zechs, Zechs/Wufei, Treize/Wufei, Wufei/Zechs/Treize, Quatre/Trowa, Quatre/Trowa/Wufei
Harry potter: Draco/Harry, Harry/Severus, Harry/Draco/Severus, Lucius/Severus, Lucius/Severus/Harry, Scorpius/Albus Severus
Bleach: Ichigo/Byakuya, Ichigo/Uryu Ishida, Ichigo/Renji, Ichigo/Hitsugaya, Ichigo/Renji/Byakuya, Byakuya/Uryu Ishida, Hitsugaya/Shinji Hirako, Ukitake/Shunsui,
Sasuke/Naruto, Naruto/Gaara/Sasuke, Itachi/Naruto, Gaara/Naruto, Haku/Gaara, Haku/Gaara/Naruto, Sasuke/Naruto/Haku, Kakashi/Iruka  
Sonic/Shadow, Silver/Tales
Star Trek XI Any combination of Jim/Spock/Bones. I like Reaper!Bones (Doom crossover) really well, too.
Sherlock ('09 movie) John Watson/Sherlock
Highlander Methos/Duncan (Or crossed into any other fandom. I like Methos slightly more than Duncan, but both are awesome.)
House House/Wilson/Chase, House/Chase 
Stargate SG-1 Daniel/Jack. Jack's clone (a few years further on) with Ronon or Cameron.
Stargate Atlantis Sheppard/McKay, McKay/Carson, Sheppard/McKay/Carson, or Sheppard/Ronon/McKay
Hawaii Five-0 Steve/Danny, Steve/Danny/Chin (Danny needs to move in with Steve. Could so burn down his apt and move him with Steve...)
Smallville: Clark/Lex (I really think if Clark had trusted Lex at some point it could have worked...)
Criminal Minds Reid/Hotchner, Reid/Morgan, Reid/Hotchner/Morgan
NCIS Gibbs/DiNozzo, Dinozzo/Ian(from Numb3rs. Favorite ever, though only 2 fics exist.)
Numb3rs: Charlie/Ian, Charlie/Colby, Don/Ian, Don/Xander(From Buffy), Don/David, David/Charlie, Larry/Charlie
NCIS:LA Callen/Sam/Deeks, Callen/Sam, Deeks crossed with anyone else on this list.
Pretender Jarod crossed with anyone.
The Sentinel Jim/Blair, Blair/Daniel (From SG-1), Jim/Jack O'Neill (from SG1)
Torchwood Jack/Ianto, Jack/Ianto/Ninth Doctor (yes, yes, I know it isn't techinically possible, but seriously, time travel)
Due South RayK/Frasier (They're perfect together.)
Buffy/Angel the Series: Xander/Spike,, Xander/Angel, Xander/Spike/Angel, Xander crossed with anyone else on this list.
X-Men Logan/Remy, Logan/Remy/Warren
Ironman/Batman Tony/Bruce, Tony/Bruce/Logan (from X-Men)

I'm a big rare pairings/threesomes person, but I'll enjoy anything. :)

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