I've gone and Friend-Locked my journal. If anyone was reading and hasn't been friended, just let me know on here, so I can do so. I'm just finally moving away from applying to jobs on a University Student Scale, so I figured it would be a good thing to do.

May the day be yours,

From: [identity profile] rothesis.livejournal.com

Hello. I was reading the comments at yanagi_wa's LJ where you mentioned you were writing a GW/NCIS crossover. Since I'm a crossover junkie and a fan of both shows I thought I check out what you've written.

From: [identity profile] nightshadow-t2.livejournal.com

Yep. I'm going to be doing two long ones actually. One is just GW/NCIS and the second is HP/GW/NCIS. They're in the works. I should have a short NCIS/GW cross up soon though. i blame Yanagi for the short one's idea too. I'll also be posting my first fic in over 6 yrs in a few days which is an NCIS fic.

From: [identity profile] kokako07.livejournal.com

Hey I read the your story Shoulder to Shoulder and would like to read more. I like the fic so far. So please friend me so I can read more.

From: [identity profile] nightshadow-t2.livejournal.com

Of course! I'd be happy too. I'm working on an NCIS story at the mo, but there will be more of the Shoulder to Shoulder verse. I'll probably be posting planning blurbs up on here and sketches of the fic as I develop the next part. And any comments or crits are welcome.

Or if you just want the finished bits of fic, then watching the comm will give you that. :)

From: [identity profile] tichkiir.livejournal.com

Hey, just finished reading For the Duck, and loved it, and noticed you saying you were pondering side stores. I'd love the chance to read them if you could friend me.

From: [identity profile] nightshadow-t2.livejournal.com

You're added! I've actually started a prequel to For the Duck. It's posted here: http://community.livejournal.com/3_infinite_fic/

The rest of the stories I'm writing/written are there too. Except For the Duck. But so far that story has a prequel, and what looks like 3-4 sequels. Possibly 5. Only 3 are plotted out.

From: [identity profile] skyelight2x1.livejournal.com

Hi! I've gone and friended you after you let me know about your future dragon fic... can't wait!

From: [identity profile] firedancekata.livejournal.com



I'm subscribed to the Different Roads community and found your journal through Keira's spoiled for choice post. I'd like to read your stories, because some of the things you mentioned piqued my interest.

From: [identity profile] nightshadow-t2.livejournal.com

Re: Friending

Awesome. I tend to post WIP snippets in here under friendlocked posts and then when done I post links to the finished pieces. Finished bits are almost always posted at the community 3_infinite_fic .


I hope you enjoy them!

From: [identity profile] kksmenagerie.livejournal.com


Hi there,
I just read your NCIS story, Stepping Forward, and found it very intriguing. I would like to read more of your work.
Karen /s

From: [identity profile] nightshadow-t2.livejournal.com

Re: Friending

Heyla! Sounds good to me. I put both fics and personal stuff on here. Sometimes I'll post FL snippets of things I'm working on or plot outlines in my journal, so there will be previews of things popping up.

The fics themselves are also posted here: http://community.livejournal.com/3_infinite_fic/

From: [identity profile] ahavia.livejournal.com

May I join this community? I am not a writer but I am an appreciator which I think is a good thing to be.

From: [identity profile] nightshadow-t2.livejournal.com

You totally don't have to be a writer to friend me. I'm delighted you like my writing. I tend to post snippets and outlines of what I'm working on in my LJ before I post the fics themselves. Though everything ends up here eventually.

The fics themselves are also posted here: http://community.livejournal.com/3_infinite_fic/

From: [identity profile] pfyre.livejournal.com

I'd love to be friended please so I can read your posts - I loved you NCIS Draconian story. *G*

From: [identity profile] nightshadow-t2.livejournal.com

There will be more! It's turned into my NCIS BB story. World building...world building. Such fun!

From: [identity profile] pfyre.livejournal.com

ooh I can't wait - I really loved the story you posted - there's something about Gibbs and Tony and magic - sigh

From: [identity profile] sharona1x2.livejournal.com


Since you gave me a link to your LJ, I thought I'd come by and check it out. You and I like a lot of the same things!

If you're really working on a GW/NCIS story, I have to read that. I've been marathon watching NCIS for the last two months. I'm just about to finish season 4. :-)

From: [identity profile] nightshadow-t2.livejournal.com

Yep. I'm really working on one. Or actually I'm working on 3. All 3 plots are in here under the Gundam Wing tag I believe. The one I've actually got going at the moment is the shortest of the three. It's a fusion of GW and NCIS. Lex Luthor snuck in as the head of ACIS (American Criminal Investigative Services, which is who the NCIS peeps work for in this story.) It's 1x2 of course, but instead of Tony/Gibbs it's Tony/Ian(from Numb3rs) with some Gibbs/Une(Yanagi_wa/Suiyou asked for it. And since she's the reason there's 3 plots I just couldn't say no.)
Edited Date: 2010-10-01 05:37 pm (UTC)

From: [identity profile] whims-dreams.livejournal.com

It took forever for me notice you had friend locked your journal, but then again I read ridiculous amounts of stories.

Okay, you probably don't know me - I'm a lurker - but I've read several of your stories and would like to be friend so I can continue to read them. That is of course, only if you don't mind.
Hm, I don't know what else to say... I'm not planning to do anything malicious to you/your account(Would that work?) Is that a good disclaimer?
I can say honestly that if you decide to friend me you probably won't notice me at all except for the occasional comments (Is that a good thing or not? It's true so I'll just leave it in anyways.)

From: [identity profile] nightshadow-t2.livejournal.com

Hi! Lurkers are always welcome. :)I keep fics i'm working on posted in here and once they're done I post elsewhere...when i remember. At the moment I'm a bit slow fic-wise. College is being a pain in the butt.Another place to find my fics is 3_infinite_fics . It's a community on LJ that I and my co-writer use. there's probably new stuff over that way. I also entered the GW contest Moments of Rapture. Feel free to check out the entries. I can't reveal which are mine, but all the entries are wonderful.

From: [identity profile] whims-dreams.livejournal.com

Thanks. I already know you post elsewhere - it's actually how I originally came across your works - but communities (unless they have really good tagging) are hard to navigate for specific stuff/stories.

From: [identity profile] oleandr.livejournal.com

I read your fic Promised Wings a few days ago on Archive and now I'm dying to read a lot more of your stuff. Your aus are really creative! I like the premise of the two I've read so far. Hoping to read more.

From: [identity profile] nightshadow-t2.livejournal.com

A lot of my fic can be found at the LJ community 3_infinite_fic . It's where Raven and I post. I finally graduated college...again. So I now have time to pick up all those little fics and finish them. :)

From: [identity profile] jelaza-kazone.livejournal.com

Would you mind friending me so I can read your fics.

From: [identity profile] therentgirls.livejournal.com

Greetings! I saw your post and wanted to let you know that in the years that we've been going to DragonCon, we haven't seen any TS or dS panels, as such. There is traditionally a slash panel somewhere on Saturday night.

I will be there this year (as usual), along with rentgirl one and [livejournal.com profile] gothphyle. I know that you'll have a fantastic time. It's our favorite con of the year.

Victoria (rentgirl 2)

From: [identity profile] nightshadow-t2.livejournal.com

Cool! I'll have to look up the Panel and see if I can't get there. Maybe I'll see you all there. If he comes out of the kiln in time I'll be wearing Fenrir either in my hair or on my purse. He's a oriental style dragon with blond spikes on his head. He'll either be Silver and Blue or Black and Blue. The silver glaze hates me and works, oh 50% of the time. Although if you want my cell number I can send that in a PM.

From: [identity profile] mightyyawp.livejournal.com

please friend me, i would like to read your fic :D

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