This is an awesome story. I rec it to anyone who enjoyed Avatar, anyone who has enjoyed The Sentinel, and anyone who enjoys both. The worlds are well blended and the characters are perfectly represented.

Title - Sensing Pandora
Author - By BrynnH brynnh87
Artist - Patt pattrose
Genre - Gen, crossover, AU, angst
Word Count - 22,600.
Warnings - Some bad language. Violence, but not graphic.
Summary - Blair is in the Avatar program and is paired with a human soldier, Jim Ellison. They find that he is Cha’la’lei (a Sentinel) and endeavor to find out what that means for them and for the Omaticaya.
Writers Notes: This is somewhere between a Sentinel/Avatar Crossover, a Sentinel/Avatar Fusion, and a just plain AU with bits of both. Some characters are more or less the same, some are a little different and some are simply made up. Any differences in this story from either Sentinel or Avatar were intentional because it worked better with the story I wanted to tell, and because my muse can be dang bossy when she wants to be and this is the way she insisted it happened! How can you argue with a muse?

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