Dear Yuletide Writer,

It's nice to meet you! This is my first year participating in this exchange, so I hope we both manage to have fun while writing.
I'm pretty easy to please. Simply the fact that someone is willing to write me a story is more than enough, so please have fun and don't do more than you're comfortable with. Hopefully I've picked a wide-enough selection of fandoms to give you something to work with.

My preferences lean towards slash. I would prefer that the central pairing of the story not be Het.
I'm familiar with or have watched/read the majority of the material for all these shows. You don't have to follow canon if you don't want to. I'm good either way.

I have chosen the following fandoms:

Nightrunner Series:
I'd love to see something from the missing years between the second and third book. Or kidnap them for a while and stick them in a different world. Like Elfquest of Flight of Dragons. I'll accept anything up to explicit, but it does not have to be explicit.

Hawaii Five-O 2010:
Danny seems rather possessive of Steve. I've been wondering if there's more to it. I'll accept anything up to explicit, but it does not have to be explicit. Slash please. m/m/m Trios, m/m pairings, etc.

I love this series. It's a wonderful story-setting. Feel free to come up with something. Cutter and Leetah is one of the few het pairings I don't mind, but I'd love to see some slash from this. I really would. So, slash please? Pretty please? I'll beg. M/M, M/M/M I'll accept anything up to explicit, but it does not have to be explicit.

Bedlam Bards:
Eric Banyon, Tannim, Cory, Eric's brother, the elfling he rescued, etc. Shoot, feel free to bring in any characters from this verse since all three series intersect periodically. I would love to see Eric paired with Tannim. I really, really would. I'll accept anything up to explicit, but it does not have to be explicit.

Feel free to cross these with any of the other series I offered to write for if the rules allow it. I'm familiar with all of them and enjoy them all. I offered these:

Gargoyles (Tv Show),
NCIS: Los Angeles (Marty Deeks, G Callen, Sam, Hetty Lange)
Flight of Dragons: Could cross other charas into this one.
CSI: NY: (Danny before Montana. Don't much like their relationship, Mac, Don)
Valdemar Series- Mercedes Lackey

Things I like:

1. Happy endings
2. Slash
3. Threesomes
4. Wingfic
5. Shifter-fic
6. Fantasy
7. Supernatural
8. vampires
9. kid fic (either their kids or them as kids)
10. angst with hurt/comfort
11. get-together stories
12. long and plotty,
13. plotty
14. crossovers
15. AUs
16. Sad back-stories that aid h/c

Things I don't like:

1. Permanent death of characters (temporary deaths where the character comes back is fine)
2. explicit non-con
3. het as main pairing/relationship.
4. Unhappy ending.

And sorry I took so long to post this. I got caught up in school and just finally finished it up for the sem. For advice as to what I like try [ profile] whiteraven1606 and [ profile] deathangelgw or check out my lj comm where Raven and I post:

Thank you so much,
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From: [identity profile]

The pinis actually admitted that Skywise and Cutter were 'getting it on', since they had 'recognized' each other. and that the other elves found their relationship odd, not something that ever happened to elves.

From: [identity profile]

That's awesome. :D Don't think it ever showed up in one of the comics though.
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From: [identity profile]

Actually it did. It was in the last hard cover graphic novel that I bought. The girls were all after Skywise and they asked Leetah about his relationship with Cutter, because they thought it was very odd. Skywise tells them, something like, "Male wolves may mount each other for pleasure, but I like what girls have best." ^_^'

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Which one was that? It's been a bit since I bought one. I need to get back into it and finish my collection. I never did get that water series though.
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From: [identity profile]

Let's see. I have it put away, but I'm sure it was one of the Lost years books. It has a story about Cutter and Skywise 'recognizing' each other. The Pinis admitted that they have to have sex when they recognize so...yeah... they were doing it. Closer than a brother.

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