User Name: Saharra Shadow (Nightshadow_t2)
Email address: (Put "dragon" in the subject.)
YM/AIM/Gtalk/ICQ (optional):
You can see things I've created at: llery/

I am offering: ONE dragon sculpture that will fit in a 4x4x4 inch area. These sculptures are clay and handcrafted (I make every scale, tooth, claw, etc by hand). I normally price them at 80$ and up at this size.

Fandoms (if appropriate): I have 14 existing breeds you can choose from or you can answer the questionnaire and I'll create one for you. OR you can ask for a dragon based on a Fandom character if I'm familiar with the fandom. The Sanburgian is based off of Blair Sandburg from "The Sentinel."

Additional Info (optional): These dragons are fired to Cone 4, which makes them hardy little beasties. I'm located in the USA. The winner will need to pay shipping and while I can ship internationally it's both expensive and iffy. Customs is very mean to my dragons.

Starting Bid: 45

Link to auction:


Today was quite simply awesome. I presented my Dragons to Dr. Ukifune-san and he and his compatriots loved them. He's taking them back to Japan with him and has decided that he wants to make a plaque and put them on public display. They were quite surprised I had pursued a english degree instead of an art degree. I was informed by the ones who spoke with me that they consider theman exquisite piece of craftsmanship and believe I have proved to be a master in my craft. Also, Dr. Ukifune gave me permission to name the oriental breed I created the Jikeinian after the Jikei prganization that he began and contiues to act as the head of. Dr. Ukifune-san asked that I make a Tiger for next year. I decided to take up the challenge (I've never done one before.). It was a whirlwind of meeting and speaking with amazing people.Today was one of those days I'll forever look back on fondly and sometimes with happy tears. It was just that good.

The Long Version )
Here's pics of the finished, glazed YinYang pair. Clicking the back button just above this pic will take you to the rest of the pics.


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