I just had a thought. If Criminal Minds and Due South met...

I can so see this happening when Ray V gets introduced to the Criminal Minds crew.

"Agent Morgan. So what's your last name?"
"That is my last name."
"Then what's your first name?"
"Do you even have a last name? You know what, never mind." He waved his hand and turned back to the copies of the case files that were piled on his desk. Fraser and Kowalski should've been back already. He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. "You're as bad as Fraser."
"As bad as me how Ray?"
Jerking upright, Ray's hand went towards his gun, but he halted the motion, clenching his fist instead. "Don't do that!" He stabbed a finger at Morgan and then turned it back towards the mountie. "Guy with no last name meet guy with no first name."
"Well, technically, Ray--"
Turning to look behind him, Ray scowled at the non-plussed look on Fraser's face. They were so not doing this today. "There is no technically Ray about it, Benny. Benton is not a first name." Shaking his head to hide a smile he turned back to the agent in front of him. "The comic and the lip-reading deaf wolf shouldn't be far behind Fraser. They're probably arguing about the donuts."
Fraser broke in again, one finger rising to rub his eyebrow. "Actually, they're probably eating the donuts. We..." he paused, tilting his head, before smiling at something that caught his eye. "...missed breakfast, but I'm sure they'll leave enough for our guests."
"Yeah, well, they better not eat my raspberry filled one."
A small bag came sailing through the air and hit Vecchio in the chest before sliding to his desk. "Don't say I never did nothing for ya, Vecchio. Grinning, a spiky haired blond stalked up, bumping Vecchio as he sidled up to Fraser. Idly he swatted at the white wolf whose nose was stuck to the bag marked 'Krispy Kreme'.
"What, Frase?"
"Be nice to Ray."
"I didn't let the wolf eat his donut. That is nice." He jerked his head in the direction of the guy standing in front of his and Vecchio's desks. "So who's this?"
Stepping around the desks, Derek offered his hand to the blond man and then the mountie. "Agent Derek Morgan."
Nodding ray snapped his fingers. "Yeah, yeah. You're one of those profiters."
"Profilers," Fraser corrected.
Patting, Fraser's arm, he turned back to Agent Morgan. "Yeah. One of those." Offering the bag of donuts, he smirked. "Hope you like Donuts. I'm Detective Ray Kowalski. I'm Fraser's partner." He ducked his head as Fraser turned a frown his way. "All right, all ready. I'm technically Vecchio's partner and we both liase with Fraser." He scowled, turning to face Fraser with his arms crossed, the donut bag still tucked in his hand. "Happy now?"
"Freaks, the both of you," muttered the Italian detective.
"Takes one to know one, Vecchio." Ray grinned as he drew out the last syllable. Turning back to face the main group he relaxed his arms, the one with the donuts dropping just a bit.
And that was enough. Dief dove for the bag, snagging the top and tearing it from Ray's grasp. It'd been rejected by the ones it was offered to. It was his now.
"Dief! Get back here!. I did not just walk those donuts up here for you ta take 'em."
Sighing, Det. Vecchio dropped down in his chair as Fraser and Kowalski sprinted after the wolf. He waved at one of the other free ones. "They'll be back in a moment."
Taking the seat, Derek, paused before asking, "This is normal?"
"Nope. This is my life."

Snippet 2
nightshadow t2 (6:47:34 PM): Oh I can see. "Fraser! The wolf's getting intimate with the kid."
"Well, Ray,
nightshadow t2 (6:47:39 PM): ack...
nightshadow t2 (6:47:47 PM): cut the well ray out
whtieraven1606 (6:48:50 PM): *snickers* I could see Morgan trying to save Reid and the wolf growling at him to stay back "he's *mine* human!"
nightshadow t2 (6:54:29 PM): "Oh dear."
"Oh, no you don't. You don't say that, Fra-ser," whispered Ray as they watched Spencer fail to push the wolf off again.
"Well, Ray, if they'd just talk to him I'm sure Diefenbaker would see reason."
Pointing at the tense figure of Morgan striding forward, Ray shrugged. "I don't think he's planning on talking, Frase. Looks like he's doing an Alpha thing."
"Oh dear..."


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