Alka-seltzeer is a tabletized mini-potion marketed by wizards to muggles... It has to be. It certainly tastes bad enough to be one of Snape's potions. But it works! And very quickly at that.

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Alka-seltzer truly is genius.... unless you happen to be allergic to aspirin (like me,) then it is ALL kinds of FRIGHTENING.

I will say, the one time I took it (before knowing it even contained aspirin) it really helped my stomach feel better... until the allergic reaction kicked in. O.o;;;

Sorry you're sick, I feel your pain! *hug*

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Oh dear! That would have been right scary. *hugs* Allergic reactions are horrid things. One of my co-workers is horribly allergic to chocolate. And I'm only a little sick. Just enough to be grumpy and wish to distract myself with nonsensical musings.
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That just-sick-enough-to-be-uncomfortable feeling can somethings be worse... you're never steady enough to feel fine, but not sick enough to just be *sick.*

Hope you're feeling better.

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I myself prefer a gentler potion, aka Gravol. But I'm glad the fizzy stuff helped you.

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This has to be my favorite thread of all time...You must have a friend on the inside eh?

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Of course! I'm Snape's niece on his mother's side, don't ya know. *grins*

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