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Birthdate:May 5
Location:United States of America
Website:Finger Print Dragons
I wrote this profile back when i first got my journal and I'd just graduated high school. It still amuses me to this day and so I've kept it as is. Some days nostalgia is a wonderful reason to laugh.

The only important update either way is that I'm the Archivist for the Kirk McCoy Archive: Feel free to drop by and check it out.


Luna Morte: Delightful. Another place for you to exercise that useless contraption called a keyboard. I still say the old ways are best.

Well, unlike you, Lm, I don't have claws. Why not go explore instead? I'm sure you can find something to your liking.

Lm: True. It is a good idea to explore new territory.

That's my ever present muse who happens to be on officious, annoying, obstinate, soft hearted Dragon. She's also jealous that claws tend to destroy the keyboard. *Shakes head smiling* Anyways, I'm Shadow and tis nice to meet you. I'm nineteen, female, and currently enjoying my first year at college. I'm also enjoying the attempt to turn some of my ideas into stories and cowrite a book with my brother. Well, that's an attempt too. We don't get to work on it much, but when we do, boy does it go fast. And its soooo complicated. Complicated is good, as is fantasy. And writing is a wonderful thing. Its amazing how a single thought can becom an entire world with its own people and culture.

Besides stories I also write poetry when the mood hits or something catches my eye. Some will probably pop up in my entries every now and then.

I have a best friend who despairs of my fashion sense. I still say horse print t's and jeans make a good wardrobe. I do have other stuff...just don't wear it. And another best friend I count as a brother and another I count as a sis. I don't have any sibs by blood, but adoption goes great. ^_^ The rest of my family is my Mom, Mimi(Grandma) Papa(grandpa), and Aunt and Uncle and a cousin I can't decide whether to hug or strangle. I also have another new friend who's turned out to be a really good friend. I'm also back in contact with an old good friend of mine.

Well, that's the humans or as Luna says, Two-leggers. Now onto the four-foots. I have three cats, two dogs(One really, but when bath time rolls around they both become mine.), and a horse's heart (Don't own him money wise, but he'll do things for me he won't do for anyone else. Plus I feed him french fries) My furry cats are Saharra the Queen of the household, Duo the Prince and resident hellraiser, and Sunny the laid back old man. Then there's Calico who's scared of everything but irrepressably happy, and Rags the ankle biter and resident I bite the hand which feeds me. I am their personal servant and the only thanks I get is no bed space, early morning wake up calls(courtesy of Duo. Damn morning feline...), and being used as a pillow. Two dogs and three cats, plus one person do not work in a twin bed.

Then there's Marquis. He's my baby boy. I spoil him rotten. He's an amazing horse. Has a mischievious personality and loves testing my ability to stay on. Normally I manage to, though when he does send me flying we both have a good laugh and I gain a few more bruises than normal for the days work out.

I love my animal and people friends, but my Jasmine garden is another favorite. Its my place to go and think, a little bit of solitude and tranquility in the business of life. I used to head to the creek, but time for the walk and then watching the stream as it passed beside my tree became scarce, so I began this venture. It does the same and I freeze less in the winter, though it can't claim the wild freedom of the creek, but it has its own beauty. And that's what matters. I spend most of my time day dreaming, but there I find no need. The fragile strength in each vine captures my attention along with its placement. I let the vines decide where they wish to go after pointing them in a direction and the results can be very funny. Some decide that growing underneath and in between the shutters is a good thing. Such as this will not do, but convincing the plant of that is an altogether different matter.

Lm: And one I'm sure you'll expound upon another time. I'm done exploring and Moonstar is coming over, which means were babysitting while Rainmoon goes hunting. That means you are now done with the weaving of words. Leave the people be. They need a break.

Alright, true. Ja matta ne, I have to place my books in fireproof containers.

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