Today will mark the 9th year since Papa passed away. I don't often talk about him as if he's actually dead, but I suppose on today I can tip my hat to his passing. I miss him no less than the day I lost him. The missing just hurts less. If I could have anything, I wish he could meet the people in my life now, both new and old. The ones who treat me as family and who are my dearest and most trusted. Because he and I always shared everything and these people I cherish are most certainly worth sharing. The political discussions would certainly prove interesting. Although I suppose Johnny won't mind missing the lecture on treating me right while Papa's checking over his shotgun collection. Papa, you are loved and so long as I live you are remembered and because of that you'll never be gone. Just living challenged. I think I honor you pretty darn well by looking toward the future and minding the lessons you taught me as I find my way in this world... even if I annoy the hell out people while I do it. :)
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