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Five Acts

Here's the deal: you post five acts (kinks, tropes, other filthy things) that you particularly love, as well as a list of pairings you currently dig. Link your Five Acts meme here. Then you can explore others' posts and fill as you fancy with comment fic. All this hot action is masterfully managed by [info]toestastegood .

My five acts (in random order):

1. Creature-fic: I really enjoy fics where the characters are either some other type of creature or a type of shifter. Centaur shifters are a favorite.
2. H/C: Any sort of trauma for the hurt is fine. I tend to really like when past issues are dug up and dealt with. 
3. Restraint: Not totally tied up though. I enjoy reading when one chara either holds the other down or restrains them in some fashion. Playful, serious, sensual. It's all good.
4. Threesomes: I love trios. It's just so sad when someone gets left out. And sometimes they just work.
5. Wingfic: Wings of any sort. Dragon wings, feather wings, demon wings, angel wings, scaled wings, fairy wings.


Gundam Wing: Heero/Duo, Heero/Duo/Wufei, Duo/Wufei, Heero/Duo/Trowa, Duo/Trowa, Duo/Zechs, Zechs/Wufei, Treize/Wufei, Wufei/Zechs/Treize, Quatre/Trowa, Quatre/Trowa/Wufei
Harry potter: Draco/Harry, Harry/Severus, Harry/Draco/Severus, Lucius/Severus, Lucius/Severus/Harry, Scorpius/Albus Severus
Bleach: Ichigo/Byakuya, Ichigo/Uryu Ishida, Ichigo/Renji, Ichigo/Hitsugaya, Ichigo/Renji/Byakuya, Byakuya/Uryu Ishida, Hitsugaya/Shinji Hirako, Ukitake/Shunsui,
Sasuke/Naruto, Naruto/Gaara/Sasuke, Itachi/Naruto, Gaara/Naruto, Haku/Gaara, Haku/Gaara/Naruto, Sasuke/Naruto/Haku, Kakashi/Iruka  
Sonic/Shadow, Silver/Tales
Star Trek XI Any combination of Jim/Spock/Bones. I like Reaper!Bones (Doom crossover) really well, too.
Sherlock ('09 movie) John Watson/Sherlock
Highlander Methos/Duncan (Or crossed into any other fandom. I like Methos slightly more than Duncan, but both are awesome.)
House House/Wilson/Chase, House/Chase 
Stargate SG-1 Daniel/Jack. Jack's clone (a few years further on) with Ronon or Cameron.
Stargate Atlantis Sheppard/McKay, McKay/Carson, Sheppard/McKay/Carson, or Sheppard/Ronon/McKay
Hawaii Five-0 Steve/Danny, Steve/Danny/Chin (Danny needs to move in with Steve. Could so burn down his apt and move him with Steve...)
Smallville: Clark/Lex (I really think if Clark had trusted Lex at some point it could have worked...)
Criminal Minds Reid/Hotchner, Reid/Morgan, Reid/Hotchner/Morgan
NCIS Gibbs/DiNozzo, Dinozzo/Ian(from Numb3rs. Favorite ever, though only 2 fics exist.)
Numb3rs: Charlie/Ian, Charlie/Colby, Don/Ian, Don/Xander(From Buffy), Don/David, David/Charlie, Larry/Charlie
NCIS:LA Callen/Sam/Deeks, Callen/Sam, Deeks crossed with anyone else on this list.
Pretender Jarod crossed with anyone.
The Sentinel Jim/Blair, Blair/Daniel (From SG-1), Jim/Jack O'Neill (from SG1)
Torchwood Jack/Ianto, Jack/Ianto/Ninth Doctor (yes, yes, I know it isn't techinically possible, but seriously, time travel)
Due South RayK/Frasier (They're perfect together.)
Buffy/Angel the Series: Xander/Spike,, Xander/Angel, Xander/Spike/Angel, Xander crossed with anyone else on this list.
X-Men Logan/Remy, Logan/Remy/Warren
Ironman/Batman Tony/Bruce, Tony/Bruce/Logan (from X-Men)

I'm a big rare pairings/threesomes person, but I'll enjoy anything. :)

From: [identity profile]

A Feather's Width, Jon O'Neill (the clone of Jack)/Ronon/Xander

They found out Willow’s magic protections on Xander interacted with Atlantis oddly the hard way. Xander reached over his shoulder to touch the bend of his new wing.

“I’m never going to live this down.”

In the corner, Jon was laughing into his hand. Ronon was busily grooming the feathers of one of Xander’s wings, and it was becoming arousing. Xander tried to ignore it as his skin started to prickle and warmth spread through him.

Xander managed to convince everyone he’d be better off in his own room. Getting there was an adventure as Xander’s balance tried to adjust to the difference. Ronon couldn’t seem to stop touching them and it wasn’t helping Xander because his body kept shivering at the touches.

Jon trailed behind them still laughing.


Naked, Xander lay on his stomach with his wings spread wide. Ronon was moaning lightly as he slid his cock through the feather’s of Xander’s left wing. He cursed his missing eye, twisting as he strained to see what Ronon was doing in his blind spot. He could feel the pull and drag across each of his feathers in Ronon’s hand.

Jon rubbed at Ronon’s stomach as he rolled his hips. The feathers were pressed down against Ronon’s shaft gently, but it still was making Xander shudder with feeling.

Jon moved to settle between Xander’s spread legs. “Like something from a story.” Jon swept his hand down across Xander’s right wing. Panting, Xander thrust gently against the bed.

Jon held Xander’s ankle down as he ran his finger up the inside of Xander’s thigh. “Ronon, hold his other ankle down for me.”

Ronon’s strokes didn’t even slow as he snaked hand around Xander’s other ankle and pressed it to the bed.

Jon worked a finger into Xander’s ass and watched avidly as Xander’s wings quivered. Ronon was panting and leaned over to bite at Xander’s shoulder. Jon quickly added more fingers as Xander thrust his hips up to met Jon’s pressing in a third finger.

“More, oh...please, more.”

Jon spread more lube and slowly worked in his pinky as well. He held Xander’s ankle firmly as the little involuntary movements became more jerky. Ronon moved and started fucking another patch of feathers in Xander’s left wing. He was making the feathers slick and bunch from the leaking of Ronon’s cock.

Xander could feel the air flow across the wet feather’s that Ronon had moved on from. He whimpered as Jon pressed the wide part of his hand against Xander’s lube slicked hole. Trying to pull his knees under himself, Xander groaned at the pull of their hold on his ankles. He shuddered harder and reached back to pull himself wider, his fingers digging into his ass and thigh. Muttering pleas under his panting breath, Xander tried to stretch his wings, but they just fluttered. The pull of Ronon’s hold on his feathers was a deliciously painful feeling.

Ronon groaned and came, thrusting harder for a few strokes as his semen pulsed across Xander’s messy feathers. Jon thrust in unyieldingly until his whole fist was buried in Xander’s ass. Then he pulled back smooth and quick, which caused Xander’s muscles to spasm and his wings to try to pull in.

The pain from Ronon’s hold on his wing mingled with the wonderful stretch in Xander’s ass and with a drawn out moan, Xander shuddered his way through coming hard. Jon groaned as Ronon used his messy had to jack him off until he came across Xander’s thighs.

As Xander limply lay there, Jon kept twisting his wrist to minutely move his fist inside Xander. Jon watched the twitches in Xander’s wings avidly and kept making them happen for a long time after Xander had closed his eyes.

Finally, Jon gently pulled out and Ronon was there with a wet cloth to help clean up. “Thanks.”

“Can he keep the wings?” Ronon sounded hopeful.

Jon grinned at him. “We’ll have to see what happens, but I’m with you, buddy.”

Ronon rumbled and leaned over to nip at the bottom side of where Xander’s wing met his back. Jon rubbed Ronon’s back as he worked at sucking up a hickey on the skin of the join. Beneath them, Xander shivered and spread his legs wider before going limp again.

Jon kissed Ronon’s neck tattoo. “We’ll talk him into it.”

Ronon grinned at him. “Good.” They wrapped Xander in the covers and began necking as they waited for Xander to wake up.

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